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Mass Reflection Journals
Fillable Mass Reflection Journal 2016 (PDF)
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Fillable Mass Reflection Journal 2016 (Word Doc)
Mass Reflection Journal - Hard Copy (PDF)
Mass Reflection Journal 2016 - Hard Copy (PDF)
Summer Mass Reflection Journal Sheet 2016 (PDF)
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General Documents

Registration Letter (PDF)
1st Grade Registration 2017 (PDF)
Cook Book Order Form (PDF)
St. Rose Library Flyer (PDF)
Vacation Bible School (PDF) - Check Back Soon!

Lenten Documents

Lenten Retreat 2016 (PDF)

Sacramental Documents

FHC 2017 Information Brochure (PDF)
Holy Communion - Celiac Disease, Gluten and Alcohol Intolerance Information (PDF)
Reconciliation for Children (PDF)
FHC Reconciliation Booklet 
Refresher for Reconciliation for Adults and Children - from TLIC (PDF) 
Confirmation Brochure 2017 (Check back in June 2017 for brochure)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

7th Grade Forms
Grade 7 - Youth Ministry Record - 2016-17 (PDF)

8th Grade Forms
Grade 8 - Confirmation Name and Sponsor Information Form
Grade 8 - Confirmation Sponsor Certificate
8th Grade Confirmation Retreat March 26, 2017
8th Grade Confirmation Retreat April 2, 2017
8th Grade Youth Rally 2016
Grade 8 - Confirmation Candidate Booklet (PDF)
Grade 8 - Service Record 2016-17 (PDF)

Catechist Information
VIRTUS Training Bulletin Information

Grade 1 - "A" Saturday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 1 - "B" Saturday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 1 - "A" Tuesday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 1 - "B" Tuesday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 2 - Calendar and Parent Letter (PDF)
Saturday Calendar (Grades 2-8)
Tuesday Calendar (Grades 2-6)
Tuesday Calendar (Grades 7-8)
First Holy Communion 2017 Calendar(PDF)
2016-2017 Faith Formation Calendar - Full Program

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