Bishops urge passage of Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Archbishop Naumann sent a letter to the U.S. Senate February 5 urging the body to bring the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act to the floor for a vote and to pass it this week. In his letter, Archbishop Naumann asked the Senate to support the "common-sense legislation" that would protect infants who survived abortion attempts.

Extraordinary Ministers Meeting

All Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, serving both at Mass and the homebound, are asked to attend a meeting on Feb. 19, 2019, at either 1pm or 7pm in church, for Prayer, Instruction, and Enrichment.  

Life Teen

Looking to spend some time with friends, for good group discussions and fun games?  8th - 12th graders are invited to join us in the auditorium on Sunday, February 10, 2019 following the 5:15 Life Teen Mass - dinner included!  Click here for full details!

Anointing Mass

Our February Anointing Mass will be held on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, Monday February 11, at 7:30 pm.  An Anointing of the Sick is administered to bring spiritual and even physical strength during an illness, and conveys several graces and imparts gifts of strengthening in the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy some family time with, as our gift to you!  St. Rose of Lima has purchased a subscription to FORMED, a wonderful website that has been called a "Catholic Netflix."  FORMED has inspiring movies (including children's movies), video based studies, audio talks, and e-books, to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus, and share your faith with others.  Click here to register for FORMED!


"Jesus is the light for all nations!" The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, Feb. 2, is also known as Candlemas.  It is the day in the church when all church candles are blessed.  On Feb. 2, parishioners brought their candles from home to have them blessed at our 8 am Mass.
Scout Sunday

We celebrated Scout Sunday on February 3, at the 9:30am Family Mass.
Feast of St. Blaise

To celebrate the Feast of St. Blaise on Feb. 3, the patron Saint for the protection of throats, parishioners had their throats blessed at all our weekend Masses.

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