Downloadable documents are now available:
Mass Sheets (Coming Soon)
Grades 3-6 Mass Sheets - Bring your sheet to Mass with you and receive a sticker as you leave Mass.

General Documents

Registration Letter (PDF)
1st Grade Registration 2019 (PDF)
Student Safety Form (PDF)

Lenten Documents

Lenten Retreat 

Sacramental Documents

FHC 2019 Information Brochure (PDF) 
Holy Communion - Celiac Disease, Gluten and Alcohol Intolerance Information (PDF)
Reconciliation for Children (PDF)
FHC Reconciliation Booklet 
Refresher for Reconciliation for Adults and Children - from TLIC (PDF) 
Confirmation Brochure 2019 (PDF)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

First Holy Communion Music
I am the Bread of Life
Alleluia Sing to JesusAlleluia Sing to Jesus
Table of Plenty
Let There Be Peace On Earth

Chosen Program
Grade 7 and 8 - Mass Reflection Sheet (PDF)

8th Grade Forms
Grade 8 - Community Service and Participation Form (PDF)
Grade 8 - Confirmation Name and Sponsor Information Form (PDF)
Grade 8 - Confirmation Sponsor Certificate (PDF)
8th Grade Confirmation Retreat 

Catechist Information
VIRTUS Training Bulletin Information
Diocesan Child Protection Policy

Grade 1 - "A" Saturday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 1 - "B" Saturday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 1 - "A" Tuesday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 1 - "B" Tuesday Schedule (PDF)
Grade 2 - Calendar and Parent Letter (PDF)
Saturday Calendar (Grades 2-6)
Tuesday Calendar (Grades 2-6)
7th Grade Chosen Calendar
8th Grade Chosen Calendar
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