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Saturday Evening
5:15 pm vigil

8:00 am - in church and livestreamed
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12 pm - Choir Mass
5:15 pm - Contemporary Music Mass
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The Faith of a Child

Just as the boy Jesus grew "in wisdom and age and grace," (Luke 2:52) so do our children.

Special Education

We celebrate the uniqueness of each child given to us by God. In celebrating, we are aware each child learns differently. If your child, or the child of a friend, has individual learning needs, please contact our office. Thankfully, we have gifted volunteer catechists who are licensed special education teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, and parents of children with varying needs who dedicate their time to working with children.

Grades 1-8

St. Rose of Lima families have options of either home based classes or a Saturday or Tuesday class which is conducted on our parish campus. In our home based program, students meet in groups of 8, instructed by two catechists. Saturday campus students attend class from 8:45 to 9:45 am and Tuesday campus students attend class from 4:15 to 5:15 pm.  

The Faith for a First Grader

First graders are curious, spontaneous, and energetic. They believe that God is close to them. Children at this age can learn about their faith by active involvement with sensory experiences: touring the parish church, making the sign of the cross with holy water, sharing their time and things with others. They can respond to Jesus' love for them by respecting God, themselves, and others.

First graders meet in our school according to the scheduled calendar.  Parents and guardians meet with the coordinator several times during the instructional year. As the primary teachers of faith to their children, parents work with their child at home on lessons between classes.

The Faith for a Second Grader

This is an exciting year in the lives of second graders as they are preparing to celebrate First Eucharist and First Reconciliation. They are curious about what is taking place at Mass and eager to participate more fully. Children at this age have increasing ability to share with others and are receptive to stories about ways to love and show respect to others.

Second graders meet in our school or with a home-based group taught by two Catechists according to the scheduled calendar.  Parents and guardians meet with the coordinator several times during the instructional year. As the primary teachers of faith to their children, parents work with their child at home on lessons between classes.

The Faith for a Third Grader

This is the year in which third graders are introduced to the concept of Church as a community, in the parish and around the world, and their role in it. As they grow in social awareness and skills, they are eager to join with others in liturgy, in prayer, in reading Scriptures, and in outreach to those in need. Their growing thinking skills enable them to better understand the reasons behind our Catholic beliefs and practices.  Third grade students will participate in a tour of the parish outreach.

Classes meet in our school or with a home-based group taught by two Catechists.

Grades 4, 5 & 6

Several grade specific liturgies, prayer sessions and presentations, as well as opportunities to serve the needs of others, enhance and enrich the faith formation of the 4th, 5th & 6th grade students at St. Rose.  Fourth grade students participate in the All Saints Procession and a Tour of the Church.  Fifth grade students learn to pray the Rosary and participate in Stations of the Cross.  Sixth grade students have an Introduction to Adoration and participate in Stations of the Cross. 

The Faith for a Fourth Grader

Fourth graders typically grow in self-esteem, social interaction, and interest in the wider world. As "joiners" in games and groups, they bring a realistic perspective to the human need for rules and standards. At their own level, they are ready to appreciate the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the teachings of Jesus.

With the support of interested adults, they are ready to reach out to others in service and responsibility.

The Faith for a Fifth Grader

Fifth graders will be asked to link their growing ability to think abstractly with the meaning of the sacraments as signs of God's love. Their innate concern for fairness helps them to understand that God's love for all means that work for justice and peace is vital. Because they are sensitive to the values of their peer group, it is important to stress, by word and example, our solidarity with one another as Catholics, in our families, in our parishes, and in our worldwide Church.

The Faith for a Sixth Grader

As pre-adolescents, sixth graders are neither children nor teenagers. They need both the acceptance of their peers and the approval and direction of caring adults. Their faith in God is more likely directed by reason rather than emotion. Yet Scripture, liturgy, prayer, Bible stories, role-playing, music, and poetry are essential ways to tap the depths of this relationship. Through interactions with peers and adults, they are open to "making a difference" by responsible choices for goodness and justice.

The Journey towards Confirmation – Grades 7 and 8

Chosen: Your Journey Toward Confirmation takes young people on a journey through the entire Catholic faith in all its richness and vitality. Teens will be captivated by the story, from Creation all the way through salvation history, and they will come to see how the sacraments, prayer, and discipleship are the keys to a happy life. The goal of this 24-lesson program is nothing short of winning over the hearts of teens and making them disciples of Christ.

Chosen’s carefully designed methodology features highly effective and engaging material conveyed through videos, student workbooks, and classroom experience. Featuring twelve of the top youth experts in the Church today and filmed in more than 50 locations, Chosen is unlike any program available in the Church.  

In addition to the formation requirements of our two year sacramental preparation, our candidates for Confirmation participate in parish volunteer opportunities, Adoration & Benediction, a Lenten Retreat and a Confirmation Retreat. These events are facilitated by our parish leadership and guest presenters. Students continue their call to discipleship in parish ministry and service activities conducted with their family and peers, and celebrate the sacrament of Confirmation in the fall of ninth grade.

Matthew 25: The Call to Stewardship in Grades 1-8

Stewardship is part of our Catholic tradition and who we are as Church. God is the source of all we have and are, and as Catholics, we are encouraged to share what we have with others, to respect our neighbors as ourselves, and to assist those that are less fortunate or have fallen on difficult times in their lives.

Stewardship education is about how we care for the possessions that God has given us, and calls us to nurture our relationships with God, our families, our Church, our community and the world around us. In each grade level of faith formation our students are invited to put their faith into action in service to others. The important aspect of our parish life begins with the role model of good stewardship which is set in the home.

As Pope John Paul said, "The family finds in the plan of God the Creator and Redeemer not only its identity, what it is, but also its mission, what it can and should do." The role and mission of the family is to be the "first and vital cell of society" and a "community of life and love"... that in its actions and by its example will transform the world." With his words of inspiration we are reminded of the critical role parents, guardians and extended family members play in the education of our youth. They are the first and most important teachers of faith to the children. St. Rose religious formation hopes to promote a Catholic culture in every home that will aid each family in becoming the best we can be. To assist us in this goal our dedicated catechists continue to be committed to the enhancement and enrichment of the faith formation of the youngest members of our Church community by inviting them to be in full participation of various parish activities.

All students will participate in our Matthew 25 project.  Each grade level is assigned a different donation item.  We welcome all those that hear the call to share their faith in our catechetical ministry with our parish children, and invite you to contact our offices for information regarding how you can become a Catechist.