What is Stewardship?

From the Rockville Centre Office of Parish Stewardship:
Stewardship provides a spiritual way of living for all of us – a way of being in the world, particularly as we continue to embrace the New Millennium and respond to the Gospel call to renew the face of the Earth.

Stewardship is about the many gifts our gracious God has given us. It helps us to reflect upon our giftedness; all that we have which constitutes our treasure:  Our families, friends, time, talents, skills, material possessions, finances.

Stewardship is about reflecting on our faith and on the way we live and act as disciples of Jesus.

bishopmurphyStewardship is about caring for all of God’s creation.
"On the basis of Stewardship, 
we're going to have the inner spirit 
for the renewal of parish life in the 
New Millennium!"  Most Reverend William Murphy, S.T.D.

popefrancis2"In the end, everything 
has been entrusted to our protection, 
and all of us are responsible for it.  
Be protectors of God's gifts!"  Pope Francis, Inaugural Mass

Stewardship is A Way of Life!
The U.S. Bishops in their Pastoral letter "Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response"  tell us that: 
As Christians Stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully; 
cultivate them responsibly; share them in love and justice with others; 
return them with increase; and stand before the Lord in a spirit of accountability.
Good Stewards have an "Attitude of Gratitude!"