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Weekend Mass

Saturday Evening
5:15 pm vigil

8:00 am - in church and livestreamed
10:00 am - Family Mass
12 pm - Choir Mass
5:15 pm - Contemporary Music Mass
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The Life of Saint Rose of Lima

WINDOW I – The Virgin Mary holding a rose over St. Rose as a child in the cradle. After this scene appeared in a vision to St. Rose’s parents, they changed the name they originally chose for her to Rose.

WINDOW II – St. Rose received Communion. Notice the crucifix in the background. The Eucharist was central in the life of St. Rose – the source of her strength.

WINDOW III – St. Rose at the feet of Jesus and Mary.

WINDOW IV – St. Catherine of Sienna appears to St. Rose. Note again, the crucifix in the background, which illustrates the bond and unity that exists between fellow believers.

WINDOW V – St. Rose holding the Christ Child, Jesus. He is holding a rose. St. Rose had apparitions or dreams where she met the child Jesus and played with Him in her garden.

WINDOW VI– St. Rose embroidering. St. Rose was especially skilled at embroidery. She spent many hours in prayer while her fingers were busy at her craft.

WINDOW VII – The Hermitage of St. Rose. Our patron saint was a contemplative saint. She created a place in the gardens of her home where she could go and meditate to seek the will of God in her life.

WINDOW VIII – St. Rose hanging on the cross. St. Rose actually hung on a cross while praying so she could understand more fully the meaning of the suffering of Christ and pray more fervently.

WINDOW IX – St. Rose in prayerful mortification. Again, the crucifix is in the background. St. Rose was ever mindful that true discipleship meant dying to self and living for our Lord.

WINDOW X – St. Rose as protectress (of the poor and needy). She was a woman of contemplative prayer and also a woman of care and concern for others.