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Weekend Mass

Saturday Evening
5:15 pm vigil

8:00 am - in church and livestreamed
10:00 am - Family Mass
12 pm - Choir Mass
5:15 pm - Contemporary Music Mass
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Dear Parents,

We know how busy you are; there are just so many hours and so much to do. Religion class can seem like “just one more thing” on your schedule. But we hope that you’ll come to see it as much more than that. It is one hour in your child’s week when they can gather with other children to concentrate on what it means to be a Catholic, a follower of Jesus Christ, and to learn what the church and gospels teach. Our staff and catechists will do our best to make this hour as interesting and inspiring as we can. We will do our best to teach the lessons in their textbooks, to pray with them, and to involve them in faith-building activities. But then it comes down to you.

What you do and say as Catholic parents will teach your child far more than we ever could. Your example at home speaks volumes. And so we ask you to review your child’s lessons each week and share the activities they bring home. Attend Mass regularly so your child experiences being part of a worshipping parish community. As a family, talk about the gospel reading and homily and assist your children in learning how to reflect on its meaning in their lives. Remember to pray at home as a family, and be mindful that our children truly learn the most valuable life lessons mirroring the examples set by the adults in their lives, especially their parents.

Bless your children each and every day, making the Sign of the Cross on their forehead upon their rising or at the end of a day. To this end, share this ritual and simple prayer with your children.

Parent/Guardian: May God walk with you in all you do and say this day. Child: May God also walk with you.

Parent/Guardian: We ask these things (while making the Sign of the Cross) in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

We look forward to working with you, and we need and appreciate your prayerful support!