Director of Music & Organist
Mr. John Buckel
Mr. Matthew Bayen

Music Office: (516) 798-4992 x240


'Click' on the title of each selection to hear the recording!

Entrance Procession - Choose one piece for the Bridal Party Procession and one for the Bride's Procession
Canon in D – Pachelbel
Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – Bach
Trumpet Voluntary – Clarke (Prince of Denmark)
Trumpet Tune – Purcell
Bridal Chorus – Wagner

Gathering Hymn
(Optional - choose one) - Hymn numbers correlate to the Church's Ritual Song Hymnals.  
For the Beauty of the Earth 734
God of Love, Embrace Your People 1074
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling 806
O God, Beyond all Praising 725 (not recorded)

Glory to God (for a Mass)
Please choose if you would like the Glory to God spoken or sung
Sung arr. from Mass of Wisdom - Janco

Responsorial Psalm
 (Sung by Cantor)
Choose one of the following Psalms (correlate with the selections from the book “Together for Life”)

C-1 The Earth is Full of the Goodness of God
C-2 Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord
C-3 The Lord is Kind and Merciful
C-4 Blessed the Man who Greatly Delights in the Lord’s Commands
C-5 Blessed are Those Who Fear the Lord
C-6 How Good is the Lord to All
C-7 Let all Praise the Name of the Lord

Unity Candle Lighting (Optional) Choose one song from the section for "Presentation of Gifts" (see below).

Presentation of Gifts 
(for a Mass) - choose one song.
Ave Maria – Schubert
Ave MariaBach/Gounod
Love is the Sunlight 1077
Panis Angelicus – Franck
The PrayerFoster
When Love is Found 1071

(for a Mass) - choose one song
As the Bread of Life is Broken 1026
Gift of Finest Wheat 1028
One Bread, One Body 1027
Take and Eat 1025
Note: Any song from the Presentation of the Gifts, except the "Ave Maria" may also be chosen for Communion. 

Song after Prayer of the Faithful (for a ceremony) optional
Choose one song from the "Presentation of Gifts".
Flowers to the Blessed Mother (optional)
Immaculate Mary 993
Ave Maria Schubert

- choose one
Hornpipe from Water Music – Handel
Ode to JoyBeethoven
Wedding MarchMendelssohn
Toccata from Symphony VWidor



Please contact the Director of Music with any questions regarding the music for your wedding. Additional professional instrumentalists and or ensembles can be arranged.  Many couples choose to add a solo trumpeter which greatly enhances a wedding celebration.  Other instrumentalists or ensembles may also be considered, such as a violin, flute, harp, string quartet, or schola choir.

The Music Director/Organist and Cantor are paid through the Church Music Fee.

Any additional instrumentalist(s) and singer(s) will be paid directly from the couple, after consultation with the music director. All additional musicians should be booked at least three weeks in advance. Please call to discuss any of these options!