Fr. Gerard’s Weekly Column: 6/16/24


Yet we are courageous, for we walk by faith, not by sight.

I am pretty sure we have all had multiple experiences of something that did not work well in our life. We even go through periods of time when several things are not working well, nothing seems to be going right. These disappointments are so difficult and challenging that it is hard to imagine how we could ever be hopeful. We are tempted to lose courage – to be discouraged – so much so that we can’t imagine that God is here or that God cares or is even able to bring change to our situation. We don’t know, nor can we foresee, how our disappointment or our sorrow can be transformed. Yet by grace, we continue, and so we are courageous – for we walk by faith, not by sight.

The Latin word confidere means “to believe in.” Walking in “confidence” is walking “with faith.” Amid the most difficult challenges, we can say, “Lord, I know that you know more than I know, and I trust that you alone can redeem the messes and disappointments of life.” Knowing that God is with us is half the battle. With that knowledge, my courage and hope are restored. What is walking by faith and not by sight? It is living our lives with an acknowledgement of the presence of God. It is to see beyond discouragement and instead, act with courage, trusting that God sees what I do not.

We are in desperate need of this courage and confidence. On any given day, we are assured of hearing someone speak of how terrible someone or something is. What does that do to our human morale and even our faith? Who are the courageous and confident voices that we are listening to? Are there people in our lives that we admire because of their courage and confidence in the face of adversity? What about the inspiration of heroic saints? We might even look to the young people of our families and communities as examples of courage and confidence. Where we might dismiss a young person’s confidence and positive outlook as naïve, we ought to look again and see in them an unadulterated passion for the possible. Courageous and confident faith is all around us. By the grace of the Holy Spirit, may our eyes be opened and our outlook be one of courageous and confident faith.

CONGRATULATIONS – St. Rose of Lima parishioner Fr. Patrick Nolan, S.J. professed his final vows on June 7 at the Fordham University Church in the Bronx before the Jesuit province and his family and friends. Final Vows entail full incorporation into the religious life, allowing him to be missioned to leadership positions. He is beginning a new assignment as Director of Vocations and Assistant to the Provincial for Vocation Ministry. He will be responsible for Jesuit vocation ministry from Maine to Georgia. He will be living close to home at Xavier High School in New York City. We look forward to Fr. Nolan celebrating the 8:00 am Mass here at St. Rose on Sunday, June 30.

NEWLY-ORDAINED PRIESTS – Last Saturday, Bishop Barres ordained two men to the priesthood for service to the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Fr. Dennis Gannon of St. Aidan parish in Williston Park and Fr. Joseph Lettieri of St. William the Abbot parish in Seaford. Fr. Gannon has been assigned to serve at the parish of St. Phillip and James in St. James, and Fr. Lettieri has been appointed to St. Dominic parish in Oyster Bay. Please pray for these men as they begin their service to the church on Long Island.

NEW EAGLE SCOUTS – Last Sunday, two scouts from Troop 660, which is chartered by St. Rose of Lima parish, were awarded the rank of Eagle Scout. Each of these new Eagle Scouts completed a service project benefiting our parish food pantry. Dominick Gambino coordinated and implemented the self-watering vegetable garden system that is in its second season of producing fresh produce for our pantry guests. Connor Grauling created new shelving units and repainted a meeting room in the food pantry, allowing for greater food storage as well as workspace within the pantry.