Fr. Gerard’s Weekly Column: 6/30/24


Your faith has saved you. Go in peace!

When we are ill, we long for healing. When we get over a cold, we do not long remember it. But when we recover from surgery, it is not unusual to occasionally have phantom pains months later at the spot of the wound. It is as though the body does not easily forget the pain that was inflicted on it. We can safely assume that the woman in today’s Gospel, along with Jairus and his daughter, remembered for a long time the healing that happened through Jesus. Cancer survivors and those who have experienced traumatic injury or illness often recount their recovery process and remember the date they were officially “cured.” Recovered addicts will readily recall how many days, weeks, months, or years he or she is sober. Despite those examples, it is often easier for us to remember or hold on to the pain we have experienced.

Focusing on the pains of life is certainly part of the healing process, yet remaining in that hurt prohibits healing. As people living in an often angry and outraged culture, perhaps it is time for us to focus, not on the pains of our lives, but the healing we have received. Like the woman with the 12-year hemorrhage or Jairus and his concern for his 12-year-old daughter, the persistent pursuit of healing does bear fruit; having faith that by His cross and resurrection Jesus Christ saves and heals us from any wound or sorrow.

Throughout these summer days, let us make sure we take time to rejoice in the healing power of Christ in our past so we may have faith in the future.

WELCOME, FR. FRANK ZERO – Fr. Frank will be personally introducing himself at our Masses this weekend. I trust that you will welcome him warmly and make him feel at home at St. Rose. He joins us after eight years of ministry at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Lindenhurst and previously, five years at Holy Family in Hicksville. These summer months will be a time of transition for him and for us as we get to know each other. I am grateful that Bishop Barres has sent us a dedicated and devoted priest to minister to the people of God at St. Rose of Lima.

WELCOME BACK, FR. JOE McCANN – If all goes well with the Aer Lingus pilots’ job action scheduled for this week, Fr. Joe will be returning to St. Rose for another summer. We are so grateful that he continues to call St. Rose his summer home. He has a deep appreciation for the history of our parish in the nearly 50 years that he has been offering summer assistance. In addition to Fr. Joe, we will also have the occasional assistance of Fr Saji Jose and Fr. Jijo Joseph, two of the chaplains at Good Samaritan Hospital. We also look forward to some visits from our parishioner, Fr. Patrick Nolan.

SUMMER FAITH OPPORTUNITIES – I encourage you to consider using these summer months to deepen your faith.

INTO THE DEEP – Summer Prayer Challenge is an independent spiritual reflection program being coordinated by Tom Griffin. It will run from June 30 to August 30.

WEEK OF EUCHARISTIC ADORATION – Starting on July 8 through July 12 from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, the Holy Eucharist will be exposed for adoration and prayer in the chapel of the Fr. Graham Center Chapel.

Please see the flyers appearing elsewhere in the bulletin for registration information.

Feast Day of St. Rose of Lima – We are planning a mini-celebration on August 23 in honor of our Patronal Feast Day. We are planning for an evening of food trucks, games and mass. We need volunteers to help us plan and celebrate the day. Please contact Barbara Pope at the rectory to share your interest.