Eucharistic Minister Schedules

Currently not being assigned due to covid protocols
Mar/Apr 2020 please see note below regarding flu season
Jan/Feb 2020

Lector Schedules

May/June 2021
Mar/April 2021

Jan/Feb 2021

Teen Lectors (pdf) 5:15 Teen Mass - currently not available

Family Lit Teen Lectors (pdf) 9:30 Family Mass (revised 3.5.20) - currently not available

Lectors:  Workbooks for 2020-2021 have arrived and are available for pick-up - please sign the pick-up list when you take one.

Please click here to enjoy the poem about the Lector Ministry, shared by one of our lectors.
New Teen Lectors - Email Maria at to register or for more info.

Attention EMs: During this flu season, to avoid confusion, please remember that only 8 Ministers of the Eucharist are needed at each Mass, which includes the Priests/Deacons present.  Therefore, on the weeks you are scheduled, before going up to assist, please be aware of how many Ministers are already present in the sanctuary and adjust as needed.

In addition, please note that we have added hand-sanitizer dispensers in each sacristy, directly inside the sanctuary doors.  You are encouraged to use these if you do not have your own personal bottle.

EMs Please review:  Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Proper Procedures 2019, Communion Stations, and Fr. Ken's Liturgical Minister summer dress code letter and the new EM schedule replacement letter!   

Altar Servers

Currently not being assigned due to covid protocols.